Corporate Taxis in Lagos State And Customer Service

Governor Tunde Fashola

Governor Tunde Fashola

In 2008, Governor Fashola began commissioning fleets of cabs to be known as corporate cabs as part of his plan to turn Lagos to a mega city by upgrading the transportation system in the state. Licenses were awarded to six companies to operate the taxi and car hire service. Out went the old, jalopy and rickety cabs which were usually dirty and driven by scheming drivers. Lagosians welomed the corporate cabs which were brand new cars with  air-conditioners to combat the ever blazing Lagos sun. Now you could take a ride in a taxi with peace of mind and confidence. The era of standing on the streets to haggle over the fare with cab operators was gone as most of the cars were metered or had fixed fares for the various locations. The fact that these cabs were being managed by organisations rather than just individuals, created more confidence among the people of Lagos. The metropolitan city of Lagos has since embraced the new face of taxis driven by well-mannered drivers. The four major Taxi companies are Orange Cabs, Red Cab, Metro Taxi and Corporate Cabs.


Old Lagos Taxi

1. Orange Cabs: according to their website, Orange Cabs is a subsidiary of Cash Link Leasing Plc and they provide premium modern taxi service that is Comfortable, Convenient, Reliable, Timely, Safe, and Affordable. Their service is tailored to meet the needs of an evolving metropolitan lifestyle. They have a fleet of over 200 vehicles in customer preferred brands of Toyota Corolla, Toyota Yaris and Renault Megane cars. Orange Cabs began operations in July 2009 as one of the registered independent taxi. To book an Orange cab, call their hotline 234-1-070-orangecabs or fill out an online booking form and pay on arrival.

ornage cabs

Orange Cab

2. Red Cab: with over 400 Red cabs in their fleet, the Red Cab service is poised to transform the provision of taxi service in Lagos state. In addition to their distinctive Red Cabs, they provide unbranded executive saloons, estate cars, minibuses, vans as well as luxury cars for corporate, group and VIP clientele. Red Cab obtained its Licence from the Lagos State government in May 2009 and has been operating since then. You can make your Red Cab booking by calling them on +2347000733222 or via their Blackberry pin 23628346. You could also make an online booking by filling out a form.

Red Cab

Red Cab

3. Corporate Cabs: Corporate Cabs Services Limited provide safe, reliable, comfortable and friendly travel experiences. They take their passengers wherever they want to go in comfort, safety and style. Their taxi services are charged by hired time with all their cabs installed with taxi meters and e-payment terminals to ensure that customers get good value for their money. Corporate Cab Services Limited is poised to provide transport services in an exceptional manner that treats passengers as Kings. They have been in operation since August 2008. To book a Cab, call 08034029277 or 08034051086 or complete an online form.

Corporate Cab

Corporate Cab

4. Metro Taxi: All Metro Taxis are the Peugeot 406 Prestige Series and fares are per car with no hidden quotes. They received licence to operate from the Lagos State Ministry of Transportation in March, 2009 and began operations in October 2010. Metro Taxi claims to be the only metered Taxi operator in Nigeria that guarantees you pay for what is used. According to them, they have achieved their goals by setting in motion a technologically driven operating system that offers dispatch technology service, 24hours call centre, metered vehicles, tracking device and an Insurance cover for both passengers and drivers. To book a Metro Taxi, call 01-4604000, 07009000000 or 08129943540. You could also add them on Blackberry via BB-PIN: 28764200.

  • Metro Taxi

    Metro Taxi

How have they fared so far? Have they met your expectations? Do the cab companies and drivers maintain good service delivery? Which of the cabs would you recommend to a friend Visiting Lagos for the first time? Please leave your answers and comments in the comment sections.